In this phonics song for preschoolers and toddlers, kids can learn the alphabet and letter sounds in English. Each letter has a word, picture, and sounds to go along with it! Kids will love the bright animations and upbeat song as they learn the alphabet and letters.

A is for apple, A-a-apple, a-a-apple, A, apple
B is for baby, B-b-baby, b-b-baby, B, baby
C is for candy, C-c-candy, c-c-candy, C, candy
D is for diamond, D-d-diamond, d-d-diamond, D, diamond
E is for elephant, E-e-elephant, e-e-elephant, E, elephant
F is for fairy, F-f-fairy, f-f-fairy, F, fairy
G is for glasses, G-g-glasses, g-g-glasses, G, glasses
H is for hand, H-h-hand, h-h-hand, H, hand
I is for igloo, I-i-igloo, i-i-igloo, I, igloo
J is for jelly, J-j-jelly, j-j-jelly, J, jelly
K is for keyboard, K-k-keyboard, k-k-keyboard, K, keyboard
L is for ladybug, L-l-ladybug, l-l-ladybug, L, ladybug
M is for monkey, M-m-monkey, m-m-monkey, M, monkey
N isfor needle, N-n-needle, n-n-needle, N, needle
O is for orange, O-o-orange, o-o-orange, O, orange
P is for pony, P-p-pony, p-p-pony, P, pony
Q is for queen, Q-q-queen, q-q-queen, Q, queen
R is for rainbow, R-r-rainbow, r-r-rainbow, R, rainbow
S is for spider, S-s-spider, s-s-spider, S, spider
T is for tiger, T-t-tiger, t-t-tiger, T, tiger
U is for umbrella, U-u-umbrella, u-u-umbrella, U, umbrella
V is for violin, V-v-violin, v-v-violin, V, violin
W is for whale, W-w-whale, w-w-whale, W, whale
X is for xylophone, X-x-xylophone, x-x-xylophone, X, xylophone
Y is for yo-yo, Y-y-yo-yo, y-y-yo-yo, Y, yo-yo
Z is for zebra, Z-z-zebra, z-z-zebra, Z, zebra

Thanks for watching the Phonics Song!

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